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Devil Watt 45 watt Wood Burning Stove Thermoelectric Generator

Postovao Milutinac
This video demonstrates the capabilities of a 45 Watt Wood Burning Stove Thermoelectric Generator. The TEG Power System can runs lights, charge USB devices and also charge battery systems. The LED light demonstrated is made by LEDdynamics and is available at: http://www.everled.com/led-tube-lights/everled-lvl2/ Our Devil Watt 45 Watt Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generator is available here: http://www.tegmart.com/thermoelectric-generator-products/devil-watt-teg-power-45-watt-wood-burning-stove-thermoelectric-generator/ Thanks for watching!
Objavljeno 11. август 2015.
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